Window & Door Warranty

The following extended warranties are offered on our Factory Finished window and door sets and are subject to regular maintenance as specified in our guidelines.

These warranties are in addition to your statutory rights.

How to claim

If you need to make a warranty claim for your Sashless Window Co. manufactured timber windows or doors, please follow the procedure below.

Please ensure that your complaint is covered under the terms of the warranty eg attempted break-in, smashed glass, impact damage, general maintenance etc are not covered but may be repaired/replaced/undertaken as a chargeable service.

Please make your claim online or by post.

Click here to be taken to a claim form.

Your warranty covers your windows and doors from the earlier date of collection, delivery to site or invoice of your products.

Subject to the regular maintenance* of your windows and doors as outlined in the Sashless Windows maintenance data sheet, should your windows or doors rot within 30 years, Sashless Windows will repair or replace your product with the same, or an equivalent product.

Should your sealed unit fail due to the ingress of water or water vapour then Sashless will replace your sealed unit (supply only years 2- 10) with an equivalent or better performing product. This warranty excludes any survey of your windows or doors.

Should your Ironmongery** (handles, locks etc) fail within a period of 10 years then Sashless will replace the faulty item (supply only years 2- 10).

Sashless warrant that for a period of 8 years on painted surfaces, 5 years on stained surfaces and for 2 years on Oak and on light coloured translucent stains that the coating will not peel to bare timber, crack (more than 5% of the surface area), exhibit significant yellowing of the film nor prematurely degrade to bare timber.

Exclusions. For a definitive list see our detailed terms and conditions of warranty.

The products must not be site altered, trimmed, drilled or glazed. The products must have been stored on-site correctly, handled and installed in accordance with BS8213-4:2007 and have not been damaged. The coatings have not been abused, damaged or installed in high risk exposure areas. The product has been paid for in full and maintained in accordance with our recommendations.

Peace of Mind

Deposit and Guarantee Insurance

IWA Member
Deposit & Guarantee Protection

What would you do if the supplier of your home improvement products went out of business having taken your deposit or leaving you with a worthless guarantee?

Good companies as well as bad ones go out of business for a variety of reasons. IWA administers a scheme underwritten by FCA authorised insurers. Work carried out by IWA approved companies can have the benefit of Deposit Protection and a Guarantee Insurance for up to 10 years.

Who are IWA?

Since 1989 IWA has been one of the leading organisations in the UK to administer Deposit Protection and Guarantee Insurance to consumers within the home improvement market.

How does the Deposit Protection work?

At the time of paying a deposit you should be issued with a Deposit Protection certificate from your IWA approved supplier or Direct from IWA. This document will protect your deposit, prior to the commencement of the contract for up to 25% of the contract value, subject to the terms and conditions on the certificate. Without a policy your deposit is not protected.

How does the Guarantee Insurance work?

Once your contract has been completed to your satisfaction and you have paid the IWA approved company the balance in full, your IWA Guarantee Insurance will commence. You may register your satisfaction by completing the tear off slip on the policy and return it to IWA. Your contract will be insured for a period of up to ten years and is underwritten by FCA authorised Insurers, subject to the terms and conditions on the Certificate. Without a policy your guarantee is not insured.

If you were not issued a policy by the IWA approved company, you may contact IWA on 01604 604511 who will arrange via the IWA approved company or direct from IWA the provision of a policy, at which point a payment may apply.

IWA Member Companies have got YOU Comprehensively Covered

Peace of mind with comprehensive cover

The answer to these questions is YES with IWA Member Companies:

Commercial Contract Insurance

The installer must be an approved IWA company

The member company submits to IWA the following:

Practical Completion

At the point the specified contract has been completed, surveyed and accepted by the Council/Housing Association etc..

The premium is payable on practical completion on a submission of the signed practical completion notice upon receipt the policy will be issued.

Terms and Conditions

There are NO exclusions or excesses. The Insurance cover is fully comprehensive and mirrors the terms and conditions of the suppliers/installers guarantee The contract is not covered until the premium has been paid and the insurance certificate issued.

The policy document will be despatched within 7 days of payment of invoice and will commence from the date of completion of the contract. 2 copies will be supplied to the installer for approval.

Any additions or alterations to the contract after the date of original quote will not be covered unless the necessary documentation is submitted to the IWA for approval. The premium may be adjusted in accordance with any such addition/alteration.


Dependent on the type of contract, calculated as a percentage of the contract value inc. vat.