BIM Compliant

All Sashless window systems are now 'BIM Level 2 Compliant'.

'Building Information Modelling is a collaborative way of working that encourages early supply chain involvement, underpinned by digitisation which can unlock more efficient methods of designing, creating and maintaining our buildings. By helping the entire supply chain to work from a single source of information, Building Information Modelling reduces the risk of error and maximises the ability to innovate.'

'BIM Level 2 requires all project and asset information, documentation and data to be electronic, which supports efficient delivery at the design and construction phases of the project. At the design stage, designers, clients and end users can work together to develop the most suited design and test it on the computer before it is built. During construction BIM enables the supply chain to efficiently share precise information about components which reduces the risk of errors and waste.' Source (BSI)

Working in collaboration with the British Woodworking Federation (The BWF), Sashless Windows meet the BIM Level 2 requirement.

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The different BIM levels can be summarised as:

Level 0 - use of 2D CAD drafting with paper based or electronic print information and data exchange.

Level 1 - use of a mixture of 2D or 3D CAD backed by a common data environment for electronic sharing of drawings and data with a standardised data structure and format managed to BS 1192:2007. Collaboration is limited between disciplines with each controlling and issuing its own information.

Level 2 - collaborative working across disciplines with all parties using 3D CAD models, integrated but not necessarily shared. Design information is shared through a common file format such as IFC (Industry Foundation Class) or COBie (Construction Operations Building Information Exchange).

Level 3 - fully collaborative working across all disciplines using a single, shared project model held centrally and accessible and by all to modify ad share data.