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Why use a WWA Member Company?

To make sure that you get best value for your money when buying windows, by specifying or buying from a WWA member you can be sure that meeting British and European standards is a starting point, a minimum standard, not the pinnacle.

The members of the WWA have produced Industry data sheets to simplify the process of specifying, buying and maintaining wood windows.

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Not all windows are created equally

Windows range from cheap and barely functional all the way to top of the range, made to measure timber windows, and telling the difference isn't always easy. You can't rely on the price either, some of the lowest quality 'backstreet' windows are amongst the most expensive. A local joinery shop may manufacture a good looking window, but to what performance standards and with what warranty?

Under the auspices of the British Woodworking Federation, a group of quality timber window and door manufacturers formed the Wood Window Alliance with the purpose of promoting best practice in the manufacture of windows and doors, raising industry standards through accreditation, while at the same time dispelling the myths promoted by the plastic window industry - for instance a Wood Window Alliance wood window lasts twice as long as plastic windows*.

The Wood Window Alliance ensures the strictest of standards from all of its manufacturing members, including compliance with BS644, BS6375 pts 1&2, compliance with the Construction Products Regulations with Declarations of Performance and CE marking, while using the highest quality FSC sustainable timber, including modified timbers such as Accoya.

Options for enhanced security to Secured by Design standards to windows and doors are available.

All members must be Independently 'third party' audited to ensure they are 'sticking' to the rules.

Sashless Windows are audited, and its products tested, by Blue Sky - a UKAS test house.

*Whole Life Analysis of timber, modified timber and aluminium-clad timber windows report by Heriot Watt University.

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World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)

Julia Young, Global Forest & Trade Network Manager at WWF-UK, said:

"Wood has many natural advantages. It's durable, versatile, aesthetically pleasing, biodegradable and, if forests are well managed, renewable. Some wood products have a long working life - wooden construction materials can last hundreds of years and are usually produced with less energy and pollution than those made from alternative materials."

Sashless Windows are an active member of the Wood Window Alliance, contributing to both the campaign committee and to the General Committee, helping to raise awareness and standards across the wood window industry. The team at Sashless Windows are committed to manufacturing the highest quality windows in a range of FSC timbers, providing best value across a range of product end uses - Luxury Housing Developments, Social Housing, Schools, Hospitals (including Mental Health establishments) and general replacement of timber windows.

Sashless Windows are FENSA registered.

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